30 Years of Hydraulic Excellence and Growth as Commercial Vehicle Hydraulics reaches Historic Year


All works and no fire on. 5th for CVH 30 years celebrations

30 Years of Hydraulic Excellence and Growth as Commercial Vehicle Hydraulics reaches Historic Year.

Commercial Vehicles Hydraulics represents OMFB as its sole UK distributor, headed by Philip Waterfall whose background was within the merchant navy; coming from a family with Commercial Vehicle roots. Derek Waterfall (Father) owned Alfreton Transport and Terry Waterfall (Brother) owned Sherwood Commercials. Philip soon levitated to the sector once his time aboard the Harrison Line Royal Fleet Auxiliary came to an end. Philip’s technical engineering experience certainly quickly gained him a reputation for hydraulic solutions add to this his maritime background his straight forward anything is possible attitude certainly help a rapid rise to no.1 in Transport Hydraulics, CVH now a far cry from a stores area of Sherwood Commercials back in 1991.

Derek Hadfield is one of the first members of the team he recalls “ these have been the best 30 years of my life; been able to create hydraulic & engineering solutions on a daily basis keeps my sole alive“, Derek cut his teeth in engineering joining CVH following 26 years at Mackworth Bodyworks, now part of the Motus Group.

Commercial Vehicles Hydraulics supply to the UK’s leading hydraulic companies, covering sectors including Tipping Gears, Tankers, Cranes, Hooklifts/Skiploaders & Recovery.

Many would think that as 2021 marks 30 years Philip would be slowing down but quite the opposite in March this year he brought onboard Carl Hinds as Managing Director; with 30 year’s experience himself in the Hydraulics industry coming from a key player in the tipping gear & hook/Skiploader manufacturing company. Philip has now been able to reignite his engineering passions and is spending more time at the factory than ever before. Philip Waterfall commented “ Carl was an excellent choice for CVH not has Carl been a customer to CVH for 30 years his industry knowledge and experience will be invaluable to help take CVH on for its next 30 years.”

Carl Hinds said: “CVH is a business with a proud history and an exciting future, I am delighted to work with such a talented Team. A massive thanks to the entire Team for all their efforts."

Commercial Vehicle Hydraulics, based in Derbyshire has been successfully distributing O.M.F.B. Hydraulic equipment throughout the UK for 30 years and have built up a solid reputation based on excellent equipment and superb customer service.