Electromagnetic PTO Clutch

Electromagnetic Clutch PTO’s

PTOs (Power Take Off) are mostly used on commercial, industrial and agricultural vehicles to transmit power to auxiliary units in dump trucks, compactors, road sweeper, snowploughs, recovery vehicles hooklifts, truck mounted cranes, fuel tankers, asphalt spreader etc. This device is installed to the output which is located on the main transmission.

This solution enables hydraulic system operation when the base chassis has NO PTO aperture. With continued development since it’s creation in 1990 the engine driven Electromagnetic PTO clutch is the preferred method over electro-powerpacks.

  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Increased Power
  • True Hydraulic power
  • All vehicle solutions
  • Quality engine mount kit
  • Simple installation

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( CVH - Electromagnetic PTO Clutch WEV V2.pdf)