OMFB Group Strengthens Its Position in the UK Adding to World Coverage


OMFB Group World leader in Hydraulic Components acquires Commercial Vehicle Hydraulics Limited following 30 Years of OMFB partnership in the UK.

To respect the 30 Years in the UK OMFB was clear from the very start of this of this deal the known trading name of CVH would remain and are pleased to announce it will continue to trade as CVH-OMFB Ltd.

OMFB Group turned over €80 million in 2021, with major growth planned for 2022 in PDV Valves, & Sensors.

Mr. Amedeo Bianchi President OMFB Group said in relation to the acquisition “ …. Mr. Waterfall and the CVH team have done an excellent job of representing OMFB over the last 30 years, becoming part of OMFB Group will enable the UK customers to have access to all Group products which complement and expand its Pto & pump offering already cemented in the UK market.”

OMFB Group company manufacturing and selling several categories of products such as Wetkits, Power Take Off’s (Pto), Pumps, Hydraulic Motors, Variable Displacement Piston Pumps, Monobloc Valves, VBR Directional Control Valves, Proportional Delivery Pressure-limiting Valve (PDV), Controls, Hydraulic Tanks OMFB & Dalbarco, Fuel Tanks, Powerpacks.

Mr. Carl Hinds Managing Director CVH-OMFB Ltd commented; “ In my 29 Years in the Hydraulic industry I have been privileged to see manufacturing facilities on both sides of the Atlantic, seeing the OMFB Group factories and investment within I know OMFB is a key market player and in an excellent position to help CVH-OMFB grow and realise its potential in the UK.”

Mr. Philip Waterfall Chairman and founder of Commercial Vehicle Hydraulics Ltd, said: “Our mission is to offer UK hauliers, customer-friendly, and great value hydraulic solutions. It gives me great pride to see 30 Years OMFB partnership take its natural and deserved position as part of the OMFB Group.” Philip will continue as a consultant servicing customers new and old.

The acquisition portrays OMFB’s capability, expertise, and confidence in taking on another company. Acquisitions are not new to the Hydraulic Component giant, but this one is to be noted. The target companies in their recent acquisitions were OMFB Distributors or Manufacturing partners all with long trading relations. The target enables the group to control all processes from manufacturing to sales/service.

With this acquisition, OMFB Group strengthens its direct World presence with group companies within Italy, France, Spain, Australia, China, India, and now the United Kingdom.

Contact info:

Contact Person: Mr Carl Hinds

Company: CVH-OMFB Limited

Address: Carter Lane East, South Normanton, DE55 2DY. United Kingdom

Phone: 01773 581983