Twin Flow Bent Axis Piston Pumps


Twin Flow Bent Axis Piston Pumps

CVH are excited to announce that the OMFB Twin Flow Bent Axis Piston Pump, is now readily available!

The new twin flow bent axis series is a totally renewed piston pump following a new construction philosophy, giving it improved performance and a distinguished and aggressive look amongst its counterparts.

The Twin Flow Bent Axis Piston Pump comes complete with:

  • A cast iron body, reduced in size, but with increased resistance to high-pressure peaks (up to 400 bar) to match the higher working pressure of all modern machinery.
  • An output shaft that has been hardened and splined for better resistance to the torque, driven by the PTO, for up to 80 bar (and at high temperatures). The pump has also been fitted with FKM and reinforced oil-seals.
  • Seven pistons lead to a more constant load on bearing, making the delivery more fluid, and with less pulsation.
  • The improved suction port achieves a reduced level of noise.
  • Tapered toothing and the shaft driving the piston barrel, means that the pistons can work without the radial load, leading to a longer fatigue resistance.
  • Sliding surfaces can be made from either aluminium or cast iron, and their compatibility guarantees a longer life against contaminated fluids.

Tapered roller bearings have also been incorporated to deliver bigger load capacities against high-working pressure, while the three-piece body allows the constant lubrication of the bearings.

The unique option of the By-pass valve is can be used mainly when the pump is permanently being driven.

Special versions of these pumps are available with SAE shafts and UNF ports.

The Statistics

Pump typePressure (bar) P1Pressure (bar) P2RPM (without load)Max speed (RPM with load A and B outputs)RPM (with load on 1 output only)Max power (kW continuous)Max power (kW intermittent)
Twin-flow 53+53350400255018002100111127
Twin-flow 70+70300350255014001400108123
Twin-flow 70+35350400255018002100108123



We are currently supplying these pumps to timber crane industry, recovery vehicles and recently confidential shredding vehicles.