PM HAND PUMP 20-50-70

Hand pumps with double effect activation (the pump delivers oil both pushing and pulling the lever) either with drainage tap for simple effect installations or without tap for emergency installations. Available in three different capacities 20, 50 & 70 to allow several applications and to limit the effort on the lever in any situation. The body is in cast-iron with phosphate freatment and the stem is in nickeled steel.

PM20 with relief valve.106-001-00013
PM20 without valve.106-001-00040
PM20 lever106-000-00176
PM20 Seal kit106-900-00024
PM50 with relief valve.106-001-00022
PM50 without valve.106-001-00059
PM50 Lever106-000-00078
PM50 seal kit106-900-00033
PM70 with reflief valve.106-001-00031
PM70 without valve106-001-00068
PM70 Lever106-000-00014
PM70 seal kit106-900-00042


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